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New postal indexes

New postal indexes of the Republic of Uzbekistan  were given to effect in accordance with the Decree of the Uzbek Agency of Communication and Informatization N270 dated 28.010.2005.

New six-place postal indexation of the Republic of Uzbekistan was crated taking into consideration territorial characteristics of the structural subdivisions of postal service and settlements including administrative units of the republic. Introduction of the new postal indexes will allow to raise the quality of rendered services by means of the further improvement of the work process.

The new postal index consists of six signs and has the following description:

- The first two signs mean conditional code of the regional center or oblast territory;

- The third and the forth signs of index mean conditional code of the regional center, region territory or town of region submission;    

- The fifth and the sixth signs mean conditional code of post office (postal hub). For instance: index 120216 means: 12- Sirdaryinskay oblast, 02-Bayutskyi region, 16- post office, that provides postal services to Usmanabod settlement.    

- The new post index of Tashkent city has its distinctive feature in comparison with the indexes of regions of the Republic.

- The post code of Tashkent city is the following:

                - the first three signs means conditional code of Tashkent city;

                - the second three signs means the number of the  post office of Tashkent city.

For instance: index 100123 means: 100- Tashkent city, 123 post office.

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