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NEWS (104)

A meeting - round table talk devoted to the wide propaganda of the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “Activities regarding the preparation and conducting the celebration of the 24th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan” was held in JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi”.

27 August 2015 JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” together with the Republic Center of Propaganda and Spiritual conducted training seminar on enforcement of Law Regulations “Letters of enquiry from legal and physical persons” and Exemplary charter, affirmed by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 73 dated 31 Mach 2015.

20 August 2015 JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” prepared and the Ministry of Communication, Informatization and Telecommunication technologies put into circulation the series of postage stamps “Sport on the postage stamps of Uzbekistan”. This series is dedicated to the world championship for callisthenics in Glasgow (Great Britain) and world championship for track and field- athletics in Peking (CPR). Fragment of the world championship for calisthenics – a gymnast is making a supporting jump and fragment of the world championship for track and field-athletics – a sportsman is making a high jump are illustrated. Every stamp has the National Olympic Committee emblem.

JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi informs about new modern interactive service: “Internet subscription to periodicals”. Now persons wishing to subscribe can do it through the web site of the company ( with the usage of bank payment card.

A new service “Search of postal service offices” has been launched on the JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” web site (

JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” printed surcharges to indicate new face value on the postage stamps issued in 1993: series of postage stamps “Rare animals of Uzbekistan”(catalogue number 7-14), series of postage stamps “Flora of Uzbekistan”(catalogue number 35-41). The Ministry of Information technologies and Communication of the Republic of Uzbekistan put them into circulation 15 June 2015.