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NEWS (104)

Alisher Navoi

10.02.2015 y.

9 February 2015 an intellectual-elucidative meeting on the theme “Role and significance of Navoi’s works in the intellectual development” on the occasion of the 574 birthday anniversary of Alisher Navoi was held in JSC ‘Uzbekiston Pochtasi”.

The Company management personnel employees, “Tohkent Pochtamti” and “Khalkaro Pochtamt” branches employees took part in this meeting.

19 December, current year a seminar regarding the study of the Republic of Uzbekistan law “About appeals of physical and juridical persons” № LRU-378 dated 3 December 2014 was conducted in JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi”.

The company lawyer gave detailed explanation of the this law articles and gave answers on all questions that the seminar participants were interested in. The same seminars were conducted in other JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” branches.

16-17 December the training seminar with the participation of JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” branches specialists of coordination group of checking and analytical work was conducted.

The seminar was conducted in order to provide the safety and purpose usage of pension, money orders and subscription amounts and also cash resources received as payment for utilities by postal service outlets. This seminar will permit to improve specialists’ qualification and considerably improve quality of the inspections.

25 November 2014 “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” authorities conducted enlarged meeting in the company Djizak Branch (Djizak region). Djizak Branch supervisory personnel, postal service hubs heads and representatives of makhalla committees, makhalla inhabitants took part in this meeting.

The following questions were discussed in the meeting:

quality of the rendered postal services to the population;

prompt delivery of pension to the pensioners;

safe delivery of the postal items;

implementation of the modern services and efficiency of the implemented technologies;

raising of rendered postal services standards.

The organizers of the meeting gave answers on all questions that the meeting participants were interested in.

JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” made surcharges to mark new face values on the postage stamps issued in 1992: «Nodira» (1- catalogue number, face value 0-20), «Butterfly » (2-catalogue number, face value 1-00), «Khiva. Madrasah» (4- catalogue number, face value 0-50), «Samarkand » (5 catalogue number, face value 10-00), «Applied art. Copper dish.» 6- catalogue number, face value 0-50). And 3 November 2014 the State Committee of Communication, Informatization and Telecommunication technologies put them into circulation.

Printing of surcharges - offset. The color of surcharges – black.

JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” organized a new service “goods by post” - the delivery of consumer goods by postal couriers. Visiting our site you can order any goods you are interested in, making payments by plastic bankcard, with the delivery to your house. This opportunity occurred thanks to our partnership with the OJSC "INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING".

JSC “UzbekistonPochtasi” plans to expand territories for rendering this service.