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NEWS (104)

The international seminar under the UPU Strategic Regional project “Quality of service and supply chain improvement in countries of Europe and the CIS“ took place in Tashkent, 13-14 May 2014.

Центром повышения квалификации работников открытого акционерного общества “Узбекистон почтаси” с 18 февраля до 16 мая 2014 года были организованы учебные курсы по направлению “Улучшение качества услуг почтовой связи” для начальников районных (городских) узлов почтовой связи.

In view of celebrating The 9th of May – The Day of Memory and Respect, holiday measures are conducting all over Uzbekistan the participants of which pay respect to heroism and selflessness of the World War II veterans.   According to the order of OJSC “Uzbekistan Pochtasi” the World War II participants and invalids who worked at the postal service enterprises were given presents.

 В ОАО «Узбекистон почтаси» при участии директоров структурных филиалов, начальников районных узлов почтовой связи и руководящих работников Общества  проведено селекторное совещание. 


The meeting on the theme “Poetry of Mukhammad Usuf” devoted to the 60th birthday anniversary of the national Uzbekistan poet Mukhammad Usuf took place on the initiative of OJSC “Uzbekistan Pochtasi” together with the Tashkent City Board of the Democratic party of Uzbekistan “Millyi Taklanish”.


The meeting on the theme “Vigilance – is nowadays necessity” was held in OJSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” Kashkadariy branch. The heads of the postal service branch, operation engineers, postal service safety specialists and also heads of the branches departments took part in this meeting.