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NEWS (104)

With a view of further development of the company corporative network 12 December 2013 joint order of the OJSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi”, “Uzmobile” branch of SC “Uzbektelecom” concerning the fixing of 250 stationary terminals that will be placed in postal service offices and organization of VPN buses with the aim to connect newly produced automated working places to the existing automated systems: “Automated system of electronic money orders”, «Automated system of payment receiving”, is issued.    

With a view of further formation of integration concerning the questions of mutual cooperation of OJSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” and territorial postal service outlets with the educational establishments that are training specialists for postal service sphere, a plan for 2014 for professional colleges with courses:  communication, information and computer technologies was adopted.

With a view to fulfill planned tasks according to the program “Manpower policy” of OJSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” training plans for 2014 regarding the raising the level of employees’ skills and practical skills of the city and region postal service hubs heads were adopted in postal service branches.

                          OJSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” is conducting work aimed at the improvement of the esthetical appearance of operational halls and facades of the postal outlets buildings with an effort toform modern appearance of the postal service offices andmodernization of the postal service network, implementation and development new kind of services on the base of information and communication technologies and rendering services of high quality for population.                    

13-17 January, current year training course in the Institute of Management attached to the University of The World Economy and Diplomacy was organized.      

14 January 2014 ceremonial meeting devoted to the defenders of Motherland, the 22nd anniversary of the Republic of Uzbekistan armed forces formation was held in OJSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi”. Administration of OJSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” congratulated all the meeting participants and wished them health, well-being and success.