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12.06.2015 y.

In pursuance of the JSC “Uzbekiston pochtasi” order № 27 dated 9.02.2015 the leading engineer of the company’s mail transportation and logistic group conducted meetings in Nukus, Kungrad, Kanlikol, Ellikkalla, Turkul, Beruny, Mangit, Khojeili postal office hubs and Nukus city of Kara-Kalpak branch. Chiefs of the departments and employees of the postal service hubs, postmen took part in this meeting.

In the meeting explanatory work on the following questions was conducted:

- assurance of safety of cash means;
- responsibility for the infringements according to the legislation;
- improvement of quality of rendered postal services to the population;
- raising standards of rendered services to clients;
- carrying out work using the automated systems introduced in the company.

Irrefragable replies on all the questions the listeners were interested in were given in the meetings.