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13.10.2015 y.

9 October 2015 JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” prepared and the State Committee of Communication, Informatization and Telecommunication technologies put into circulation the series of postage stamps “Gifts of Uzbekistan”.

The series consists of 2 postage stamps. Fruit that are growing in favorable nature and climate conditions of Uzbekistan are illustrated on the stamps.

The names of plants are given in Latin language.

The postage stamps are multi-colored. Printing offset. Perforation comb. The size of the postage stamps is 40 х 40 mm. Edition: 10 th. copies.

Identification numbers were given and face values were fixed:

№1139   №1140


1139. «Cydonia oblonga» (Quince), Face value – 1500 sum.

1140. «Punica granatum» (Pomegranate), Face value – 1800 sum.


Painter – А. Kim. Designer – E. Kanevez.