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05.06.2014 y.

Current year additional two servers were acquainted on the competition base according to the arrangements plan on increasing server equipment resources of OJSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” adopted by the company.

These servers are placed in servers’ rooms adjusted and put into operation as the data base server and applications server of the “Automated registration system of pension and allowances payment” (ARSPAP). 

Additional installation of the modern and high-performance equipment allow accelerate the coming information handling and liquidate the problem regarding existing turns and the system failures that took place during the work with ARSPAP on application of the previous equipment.

 Installation of the separate new server of data base for the “Automated registration system of pension and allowances payment” allows to raise reliability and rapidity of this system operation in comparison with the previous situation when single data base server was used for several automated systems. 

The company continues the work regarding the updating of the automated system server equipment in accordance with the adopted plan.