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04.06.2014 y.

30 May 2014 OJSC “Uzbekistan Pochtasi” prepared and the State Committee of Communication and Informatization-Telecommunication Technologies put into circulation series of postage stamps “ Fauna. Rare animals of Uzbekistan”.

The series consists of 2 postage stamps and 1 postage block. The rare animals that are living on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and are included in the Red Book are illustrated on the postage stamps.
On the postage block one postage stamp is illustrated. There is a subscription “«O‘ZBEKISTON FAUNASI» in Uzbek language (Latin script) in the lower part of the postage block. The names of animals are given in Latin language.
Postage block and postage stamps are multi-colored. Printing offset. Perforation comb. The size of block is 100x90 mm. The size of the postage stamps is 37x37 mm. The size of the postage stamps in the block is 37x37 mm.
Identification numbers were given and face values were fixed.
 №1085     №1086
1085. «Chlamydotis undulata» (Bustard).Face-value –1000 sum
1086. «Tetrax tetrax» (Little bustard).Face-value – 1300 sum

Edition of postage stamps - 10 ths. Copies.



1087. «Saiga tatarica» (Saiga tartarica). Face-value– 3200 sum.

Edition of postage block - 7 ths. Copies

Illustrated by – Gabzalilov U.
Designer – Kanevez E.