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23.01.2014 y.
With a view of further development of the company corporative network 12 December 2013 joint order of the OJSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi”, “Uzmobile” branch of SC “Uzbektelecom” concerning the fixing of 250 stationary terminals that will be placed in postal service offices and organization of VPN buses with the aim to connect newly produced automated working places to the existing automated systems: “Automated system of electronic money orders”, «Automated system of payment receiving”, is issued.    
According to the company order issued in January 371 computer sets were additionally allotted to be fixed in postal service offices (PSO).
Nowadays the number of the postal service outlets (PSO) connected to the automated systems (ASEMO) and (ASPR) is 1280 (including 939 post offices), to (ASPCPA) is 883 (including 696 post offices). The possibility to entry information into (ASPR) and (ASPCPA) database from the automated working places of postal service hubs for non-computerized postal service offices is envisaged in these systems.
The work regarding stage-by-stage installation, computers and buses setting, connection of the postal service offices automated working places to the automated systems are going on.