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12.11.2013 y.

12 October, current year party-line communications session with the participation of the branches’ directors, heads of the regional postal service hubs, the company employees was conducted in OJSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi”.


The following questions were discussed:

1. The debts of utilities to the company’s branches for the rendered services. 
2. Acceleration of work aimed at the connection of automated work places of the postal service outlets to billing systems of the SJSC “Uzbekenergo” and AS “Pension” of the Off-budget Pension Fund under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 
3. Subscription campaign for 2014. 
4. State of well timed reimbursement of the received credits by the employees for the purpose of acquiring houses of the standard type, typical houses under the guarantee of the company OJSC “Uzbekiston Pochtas”. 
5. Organization of raising of professional skills and training of the reserve senior staff for the positions of postal offices branches’ and postal offices hubs’ directors and others.

All questions included in the agenda were discussed. The heads of the branches were given instructions regarding the fulfilment of the charged tasks in set time limit.