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10.10.2014 y.

JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” specialists keeps on explaining to raise quality of rendering postal services and non-admission of cases of unconscientious attitude of postal service hubs employees to the course of duty.

In August, current year meetings with the participation of postal service offices heads and postmen in the postal service hubs in Toi-tepa, Pskent, Buka, Parkent, Yangi-Bazar, Kibrai, Keles, Akkurgan, Dustabad and Yangiul were conducted.

 Clarifications on the following questions were given in the meetings: по следующим вопросам:

-          Delivery of pension and allowances to the pensioners in time and according to the established order;

-          Timely consideration of pensioners' claims;

-          Reasons that leads to misappropriation, shortages and its’ after-effects;

-    Raising of Quality of rendered postal services;

-          The main reasons to implement automated systems: “Monitoring of the registered postal items” “Electronic money orders” “Payment receiving” “Pension”, “Subscription” and organization of work. 

 Postal service employees assure of taking measures concerning improvement of service and non-admission of cases that have negative influence on the quality of the services, which may course clients’ distrust.