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13.02.2015 y.

22 January 2015 JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” prepared and the State Committee of Communication, Informatization and Telecommunication technologies put into circulation the series of postage stamps “Tashkent Zoo”.

The series consists of 3 postage stamps and a postage block. Animals that are dwelling in the Tashkent Zoo are illustrated on the postage stamps. The names of animals are given in Latin.

The inscription of the postage block - “Tashkent Zoo” is given in Uzbek language, Latin type.

The size of the postage stamp is 42 х 30 mm. The postage stamps and postage block are multi-colored. Printing offset. Perforation comb. The size of the postage block is 110 х 80 mm.

The size of the postage block stamp is 30 х 42 mm.


1103   1104   1105


Identification numbers were given and face values were fixed:

1103. «Phasianus colchicus» (An ordinary pheasant). Face value – 1000 sum.

1104. «Anthropoides virgo», «Balearica pavonina» (A demoiselle, a crown crane). Face value –1200 sum.

1105. «Hystrix indica» (A porcupine). Face value –2100 sum. Edition of the postage stamps -10 thousand copies.





1106. «Canis lupus» (a wolf). Face value– 2500 sum The edition of the postage block is 7 thousands copies.  


Painter – Kim G.
Designer – E.Kanevez.